Wednesday, November 8, 2017

WHO - World Health Organization 13th General Programme of Work - Need for Action

Spreading the call from action received from IFA - the International Federation on Aging:
The World Health Organization has just published its draft of the 13th General Programme of Work (GPW13) (see attached). 
 It is shocking to note that ‘ageing’ does not factor in the draft and unless there are strong voices from NGOs, academics and member states in the field stating that this is unacceptable any progress which has been made in the recent past will dwindle once again. 
It is strongly recommended that as many organisations / experts / interested people in this field write to register their strongest possible concern in a succinct way  IFA is reaching out far and wide and would appreciate efforts through your networks – we must stand together!
Detailed feedback is not what is needed but rather many leading voices noting that the total absence of work on ageing considering the incredible demographic shift is absolutely unacceptable and will impact current and future generations
Comments must be in by 15th November


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