Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The right of older persons to dignity and autonomy in care

Dr. Nils Muižnieks, Commissioner for Human Rights for the Council of Europe, has recently published a new comment on "The right of older persons to dignity and autonomy in care".
The comment stresses that within the context of long term care: 
"It is urgent for member states to thoroughly review, with the participation of older persons, their approach to long-term care in order to make it more human rights-based, including in the light of the Revised Social Charter (by accepting Article 23 if they have not yet done so), the 2014 Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers, and the 2017 Resolution of the PACE."
The comment continues to reiterate that:
"In addition to providing the resources such a system requires to be accessible and affordable, states must also take account of the training needs of care professionals, as well as of informal caregivers, and ensure that the choices for older persons are maximised, for example when they wish to live in their home, while preventing social isolation."
Specifically, within the context of the right to palliative care, the comment states that:
The importance of palliative care as an integral part of health services and its denial as a human rights violation are being increasingly recognised at the international level. Special Rapporteurs of the UN on Torture and on Health stated that the denial of pain relief causing severe pain and suffering may amount to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. 
See the full comment here.

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