Thursday, March 15, 2018

The Journal of International Aging, Law & Policy

Despite of its importance, the field of global and international elder law receives relatively limited attention on the academic sphere. Moreover, there aren't many law journals who specialize in this field or publish law journal articles that focus on international and comparative perspectives of elder law.
May be the single law journal in this field which dedicated it self from its origins to promote this field is the Journal of International Aging Law & Policy, based at Stetson University College of Law.

The journal was originally inaugurated in 2005, in cooperation with AARP, and after holding a first-of-its kind international conference on elder law with leading scholars from around the world.

Today, the journal is headed by Prof. Roberta K. Flowers, who is the co-director of the Center for Excellence in Elder Law in Stetson University and Jessica K. Close.

Just to take an example from the Fall 2016 issue, here are some examples of excellent scholarly writings that provide an importance international legal perspective on global elder law:

An article on the topic of: "Adult Guardianship in Taiwan: A Focus on Guardian Financial Decision-Making and the Family’s Role", by Sieh-chuen Huang;

An article on the topic of:  "To be, or not to be: A Global Perspective on Physician-Assisted Suicide", by Jennifer Tindell;

Or an article on the topic of: "Korean Guardianship as a Policy for the Protection of Adults with Impaired Decision-Making Abilities", by Cheol Ung Je.

These are only a few examples of the rich academic and scholarly writings which appear in this excellent law journal. And most importantly, all the article are accessible, free, on line, through the web, at the journal's web-site:

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